Hi Guys,

Well, I had a wonderful time at my book signing and reading Junior Rabbit Learns About Christmas at an elementary school in a suburb of Detroit. You can see some of the pics below. I had a wonderful time and so did the children. In case you don’t know it, that’s me in the elf outfit. We had loads of fun.  I told you that reading is a lot of fun especially when you get together with others and have a reading party. I want you to see how much fun I had and enjoy the pictures. Have a wonderful and fun and safe Merry Christmas and a beautiful New Year.



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teen reading to toddlers

Now this is an assignment that will be very good for everyone! Get your little brothers and sisters together or your nieces and nephews or your neighborhood kids and sit down and read them a book. I’ll bet you thought I had something hard for you to do. But nope, it’s not hard at all. In fact, it’s fun and you will see that the kids will love it! That way, you’ll let them know early in their lives that reading really rocks! 


Let  me know real soon how the children enjoyed you reading to them. Hey, I gotta go and do the same thing right now. Talk to you later.






Hi Guys,

I have something that is on my mind and I want to tell you how I feel.  But first, look at the picture here of people who are really special:


Animated image of deaf teen animated image of redheaded deaf manboywheelchair - motion


I consider the subject of those persons in our population who have special needs, very important.

Just because a person has a particular disability doesn’t mean that they can’t contribute something to society.  It also doesn’t mean that it should be “open season” for them to be bullied, talked about negatively, or laughed at.  If we see someone engaging in these types of negative behaviors toward a person with special needs, we should step up and do what we can to end the abuse because whether we believe it or not, the rest of us are just one car accident away from becoming handicapped, too.

We should put ourselves in the other person’s shoes and ask ourselves if we would want anyone to make fun of us or bully us.

God loves ALL of us and He made us all different.  All our fingerprints are different, but God loves us ALL the same.

So in conclusion, I’ll say:




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Hi Guys,

Well, I was a special education teacher for many years; and I had a great time on the radio this past Saturday! I was interviewed by the renowned author Parker J. Cole on her broadcast show, “The Parker J. Cole Show”.  



I shared with her about special needs and making room for all people in church and anywhere else for those children and adults with special needs and I let them know that they are people just like anyone else.  You can listen to my interview with her by clicking the link below.  

Until then, make sure you are having fun, keeping it simple by reading a book.  

disabled kid readingJenny–the-parker-j-cole-show



talking_bookHi  guys.  It’s me Book Man, again.  It is a little past the middle of the month.  Remember, I told you in the beginning that March is Reading month.  It has been so very fun this month for so many of you.  I know at school you’ve been reading, but I saw a group of you riding your bikes to the library and going in to read and check out even more books.  Why, books seem to be falling from the sky this month!  LOOK OUT BELOOOOWWWW! 

books dropping



Here’s Walter the dancing Book Worm.

He’s so happy about this month that He can’t stop dancing!

Book Worm dancing

Well, I am so happy because I went to the Library with Walter, too, and we got a lot of books.

lots of books

Hey guys, gotta go, but remember READING ROCKS!


Reading Rocks!

Hi Guys,

Guess what?  I had the opportunity to go to a library and read my new book, Loony the Loon and the Littered Lake.  I had such fun that day.  I also read to a group of kids, too. Speaking of reading, how much reading have you done since the first of the month? I brought my friend Book Man with me today. He wants to tell you about reading and a friend of his.  Talk to you soon!


Book Man

Hi there friends. I’m Book Man.  I am always encouraging people to read.  Since this is National Reading Month, I want you to meet a friend of mine who loves reading. Here’s Giselle.  Giselle is special because she is handicapped.  Do you know what that word means?  If not, pick up a dictionary and find out that it means a person who has a physical problem that requires help for them to move and function.  But a handicap doesn’t have anything to do with reading. Giselle is a great reader and she is very smart!  Pick up a book and get with Giselle.  Together you can have fun reading. See ya!

disabled kid reading





March is Reading Month


Hi Guys,

It March, 2016 all month long.  That means that it’s national reading month and everyone has to read.  So, remember all during March, everyday you should read 15 minutes a day. You can also read to your little brothers and sisters and neighbors who can’t read yet, so that they will enjoy reading month.  Come on, who is up for the challenge with me? READY! SET! GO! Let’s read.  






earth with trash all over it.

The Christmas season is upon us and I know that all of us are so excited to see what gifts are under the tree.  But guys, you know what?  We need to give the Earth where we live a gift for Christmas.

STOP LITTERING!  It makes the Earth sad and sick when the people who live on it litter.  Look at how sad it is.

So for Christmas let’s give the Earth our promise not to litter and to pick up trash wherever we see it and throw it away properly.  I’m sure that will change the Earth from icky and sad to…. HAPPY!


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