What is Racism?

Racism. That’s a funny sounding word. The root word is race. Normally when a person thinks of the word race, he or she might thing of cars speeding down the road to see who is the fastest. The same images arise with people, animals and boats. Racing to see who will reach the finish line first.

That word race has another meaning, too. It refers to the peoples of the world and their backgrounds. There are Black, White, Asian, Native American, Latin people who originate from these areas. Many come from all over the world.

Then there that word again, “racism.” What does it mean? Here are two definitions of that word.

Definition one is: the opinion or belief that a particular race of people is better than another race or races. Laws that allowed some immigrants into the country and not others were influenced by racism.

Definition two is: unfair treatment of people based on the opinion that one race, typically the race with more wealth and power, is better than another race or races. Racism exists all over the world and takes different forms. In the United States, racism has been directed primarily at black Americans.The civil rights movement fought to end racism in America, but racism has continued.

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I’ve written a book about racism. It’s called “Daddy What Is Racism?” The book cover is below and the book will be out soon.

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