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Hi guys, I’m Junior Rabbit, Jenny friend.  I do a lot of things with my friends.  We play soccer, tag, tell each other stories and other things.  We do all of our activities outside.  But there is one thing that I really want to share with you that you can do outside or inside:  YOU CAN READ!


Now just before you say that reading isn’t fun, think about this. When you read you can enter right into the story that you are reading.  You can be on the sidelines looking at the story as it unfolds, or you can be the one telling the story as you read, you can even become a participant in the story! What I am saying is that you can see yourself  riding on the stagecoach as it crosses the country to take you west to cattle country.  Why  you can even hide out on a ship as it crosses the ocean to go to a distant land.  You can imagine yourself helping to rescue someone from danger in the pages of a book. You can be the king or the princess or the brave soldier who slays a dragon and saves a village!  Boy, oh boy, when you read the world opens up to you. So, make sure to visit the world this summer in the pages of a book at your local library.

The book that I’m reading now is about my friend Loony.  He’s having a time helping our other friends out because people have put so much garbage in the lake where they all live.  Oh, gotta go guys, Loony needs my help.


kids reading shadowed by the world.
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earth with trash all over it.

The Christmas season is upon us and I know that all of us are so excited to see what gifts are under the tree.  But guys, you know what?  We need to give the Earth where we live a gift for Christmas.

STOP LITTERING!  It makes the Earth sad and sick when the people who live on it litter.  Look at how sad it is.

So for Christmas let’s give the Earth our promise not to litter and to pick up trash wherever we see it and throw it away properly.  I’m sure that will change the Earth from icky and sad to…. HAPPY!


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