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We Can All Do Our Part to Flatten the Curve where COVID-19 Is Concerned.

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Cover your cough and sneeze, and use hand sanitizer

It’s such a sad and serious time in our country today. We can help slow this coronavirus if we remember to do these few things:

  1. Stay at Home unless you have to go out for something essential, go to the grocery store, to the doctor’s office, the pharmacy, etc.
  2. Turn your head away from others and cough into your sleeve.
  3. Wash your hands often with soap and water or use hand sanitizer.
  4. Wear a protective mask (even if you have to make one) whenever you leave your home.
  5. Practice social/physical distancing – stay six (6) feet or more apart.



Keep these rules in mind and practice them all. We can help to slow this virus. I’ll talk to you later.

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Hello Guys,

It’s been a long time since I got a chance to do a post.  During that time so much has happened. The one thing that has everyone in the world concerned is that COVID-19 Corona Virus Pandemic.  Pandemic, that’s an interesting word. What does it mean:  

A pandemic is a global outbreak of disease. Pandemics happen when a new virus emerges to infect people and can spread between people sustainably. Because there is little to no pre-existing immunity against the new virus, it spreads worldwide.  

It can be very scary when we think of all around the world. But I am so glad that we have great health researchers who are doing their best to come up with something to help everyone.  Let’s pray for these people because they are working tirelessly.  In the meantime let’s do our part. What is our part, you ask?  That’s a good question. The first thing that you and I can do is STAY AT HOME. Staying at home helps to keep the spread of the corona virus down so that others won’t get it.  We’ll talk some more about this in the days ahead, but do the first and best thing: Stay at home and wash your hands with soap and water often.  Talk to you later. 


Here’s a saying below from the Lorax that can help us all out.





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