Hi Guys, I love the Thanksgiving season, because it helps me to look over my life and see that I am blessed a whole lot.  I know that if I have a house to live in and it’s got a bed and some food and I have clothes to wear and shoes to put onContinue reading “THANKSGIVING!”


Hi Guys, It’s me Bookman, and my friend Jenny asked me to tell you about Veterans Day, so here goes. Well, it’s November and we automatically think about the Thanksgiving Holiday. But do you know what? There is a holiday that happens before Thanksgiving. That holiday is called Veterans Day. Do you know what aContinue reading “VETERANS DAY”


Guys, While we were having fun barbecuing, eating watermelon, and hotdogs, and hamburger grilled outside, and drinking our favorite drinks and playing yesterday, it was such fun. But do you know that it was because of the meaning of this day, Memorial Day, that we could have such fun. So let’s see what makes itContinue reading “MEMORIAL DAY”


Hi Guys, I have something that is on my mind and I want to tell you how I feel.  But first, look at the picture here of people who are really special:     I consider the subject of those persons in our population who have special needs, very important. Just because a person hasContinue reading “DON’T MAKE FUN OF THINGS PEOPLE CAN’T HELP!”