Autumn/Fall Season

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Well, it’s October 2021 and you know what I like best about the month of October, (besides Halloween)? I love to see the leaves on the trees and bushes begin to turn colors before they fall off. You know during the summer most trees and plants are a beautiful shade of green, and I love that, too. But in the fall also called Autumn, the leaves on the bushes and trees begin to turn to red, brown, yellow and orange. I read about the change in the colors and I’m going to share it with you here:

As summer fades into fall, the days start getting shorter and there is less sunlight. This is a signal for the leaf to prepare for winter and to stop making chlorophyll. Once this happens, the green color starts to fade and the reds, oranges, and yellows become visible.

Hey, there’s a funny word in the explanation above. It’s chlorophyll. What is chlorophyll? What does it have to do with the fall of the year? Good question. The short answer is, chlorophyll is what makes the leaves on the trees and bushes turn green during the summer.

Look what happens when we read; we learn a lot Now we know that as the summer turns to fall/autumn and the days get shorter the trees stop making chlorophyll and that makes the leaves change to orange, yellow, red and brown.

Look at some fall pictures below. Talk to you later.


Online Reference:

Online Reference:

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