Littered Lakes

Hi Guys,

How do the beautiful lakes around our country get littered and what are the consequences/problems that come from that litter? That’s a good question and here a good answer:

When debris—plastic bags, bottles, cigarette butts, etc—is thrown on the ground, it gets washed into storm drains and directly into our waterways. In addition to potentially choking, suffocating, or disabling aquatic life like ducks, fish, turtles, and birds, litter decreases oxygen levels in the water when it decays.

The lakes and ponds and rivers and oceans are beautiful and made for man and beast alike. However, whereas man can help himself, often animals and birds cannot. That’s just NOT RIGHT! That’s also why I wrote a book entitled, “Loony the Loon and the Littered Lake.” It’s the story of how a beautiful bird named Loony frantically tries to help his friends where they live around a once beautiful lake. Check out the book cover below and then buy it on It’s the best way to teach our children about keeping the environment as clean as possible. Talk to you later guys. Jenny

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Author of several Children's books under the Junior Rabbit Series. "A Surprise for Junior" "Loony the Loon and the Littered Lake". "Junior Rabbit Learns About Christmas," "Junior Rabbit Travels to Pennsylvania," and more. I am a retired Special education teacher with four children and twelve grandchildren. I have a passion for children reading and getting them into the habit of reading at early ages. Listen to the Let’s Talk About it with Jenny White Show every Friday night at 8:00 p.m. EST. streaming live on PJC Media Worldwide at BlogTalk Call 646.668.8485 to listen to the show. Press the number 1 to be live with your questions or comments.

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