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Hi Guys,

Well, it’s been a real fun Summer for me and I know it’s been a real fun Summer for you, too. Now the fall season is coming and with it comes back to school. Are you excited to get back to school? I sure hope so. You’ll see some of your friends that you’ve missed over the Summer and you’ll meet new friends. That’s great. 


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I have one thing that I want each of you to do this school semester. I want you to do it on purpose, too. Make friends with a special needs student at your school. Just like you laugh and talk with your other friends, laugh and talk with someone who is special needs.Sit at lunch with that student, too. Be a good friend to that student. Call them on the phone, go to their birthday parties, visit them, and let them visit you just like everyone else. You’ll have gained a new friend and possibly a friend for life. So, now that you have your assignment from me, get in school and excel. I know you can!  Talk to you later.


Children, Disabilities, Special education, special needs


Hi Guys,

I don’t know if I ever told you that I am a retired Special Education Teacher. It was a wonderful career for me and I still remember many of my students. 

I am going to talk about special needs kids for a little while because I think that knowing about our special friends will let you know that they really need special friends just like you.


Guess what I see in this picture—a little girl with a beautiful smile laughing. She has on a pretty pink visor, and that means that her family loves and cares for her, just like your family loves and cares for you.  The only difference is that she is in a wheelchair and can’t walk. So that means she needs a little extra help regularly. She is just like you and me except she can’t walk. Guess what? She loves her friends, too. You probably have a friend that also needs a little extra help. Be a special friend to someone who has special needs. Talk to you later.



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Hi Guys,

This is  Bookman. I haven’t been here for a while because I have been reading and helping others during this beautiful summer season to get the fever for reading. In fact, we heard that Jenny had a reading party with some of her friends. Well, when we heard about that, we said we wanted to have a reading party, too.

So, I got with Junior Rabbit and he got Junior Rabbit full pagewith some of his friends and before we knew it, lots of guys and gals were reading and having fun doing it. See, if you like to read and enjoy reading to others, before long, a lot of others will catch on, too. I gotta go, but remember to keep it simple (AND FUN) read a book! Check out the readers below.  

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Children, Kids and reading, Reading Party, Reading Rocks



I’ve been talking a lot about reading to all of you. But let’s plan a reading party. That’s when we get together and all have a book to read or several books to read. We’ll sit around and enjoy our book and then after a time, we’ll take a break, get some refreshments like apple slices and peanut butter or fruit cups or yoghurt or even granola bars. (Boy, I’m getting hungry!) When we are having our refreshments, we can take turns and tell the other party goers what our book was about. See,  I told you that reading really rocks! LET’S READING PARTY! The Summer will soon be over!

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