Let’s keep it moving all Summer long!

Hi Guys,

Well, the weather is getting better and better and I just wanted to let all of you know that during the Summer is the best time for outdoor activities, because the days are longer in the Summer. Here’s a list of a few outdoor activities that you can do with you family.

Swimming – baseball – basketball –  bicycling –  soccer – kickball –  picnicking – camping out in the backyard. 

Wow, all of these are really fun things you can do during the Summer that will keep you fit and trim. Now if you’re inside, that’s alright, too.  It’s just better to do other things than just playing video games on your phone or computer.  Things like:

Keep your room clean –  pick up your shoes – sweep the floors, wash dishes.


It sounds like I’m telling you to do housework.  Yes, I am.  One thing about helping around the house is that your mom and dad won’t be so tired and then when that is finished, guess what?  You can go outside and have a lot of fun.

young-chores-resized dad and son cleaning kitchen dad and daughter doing the laundry toddlers cleaning the windowsMom and daughters dusting


 This Summer, make sure that you make at least 5 trips to the Library.  Reading Rocks!





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