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talking_bookHi  guys.  It’s me Book Man, again.  It is a little past the middle of the month.  Remember, I told you in the beginning that March is Reading month.  It has been so very fun this month for so many of you.  I know at school you’ve been reading, but I saw a group of you riding your bikes to the library and going in to read and check out even more books.  Why, books seem to be falling from the sky this month!  LOOK OUT BELOOOOWWWW! 

books dropping



Here’s Walter the dancing Book Worm.

He’s so happy about this month that He can’t stop dancing!

Book Worm dancing

Well, I am so happy because I went to the Library with Walter, too, and we got a lot of books.

lots of books

Hey guys, gotta go, but remember READING ROCKS!