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kids-recyclingHi Guys

I want to talk about recycling.  It’s an interesting word and the dictionary says that recycle means “to reclaim (packaging or products with a limited useful life) for further use”.

Now I know that all of  you guys are very intelligent (that means smart) and have heard of recycling before.  Well, I want to have another New Year’s Resolution – RECYCLE.  If you haven’t already read Loony the Loon and the Littered Lake, you will see how people littering instead of recycling caused such terrible and life threatening problems for Loony and his friends.  So, let’s be a part of the solution, just like those kids in the picture above – LET’S RECYCLE.  We can recycle, plastic items, newspapaers, milk jugs, cardboard boxes and so many more things.  In fact you can recycle almost anything.  We’re gonna show our families and friends that we care about this planet we live on and want to take care of it!

Ask  Mom and Dad to buy Loony the Loon and the Littered Lake for you so you can see what problems littering and not recycling can cause!  Buy it on

Loony the Loon



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It’s Jenny here and I am so excited to tell you about a wonderful experience I had just last week.  You guys already know how I love to read and I always encourage you to read, too.  

Well, I went to the school and all the kids there were celebrating a superhero.  I wanted to see and meet this superhero.  When I saw her I laughed and agreed that this person was a true superhero.  It was the school librarian.  She was the real superhero that I met and that the kids were honoring.  

How is she a superhero you ask?  She helps all the students get the right books for their classes and she makes sure that there are good books on the shelves for the kids to check out and enjoy.  She shows all of us  about different lands and countries all around the world without ever having to go there.  She picks out a book and shares it with the classes and they all see what is happening on the other side of the world, right there in library.  LET’S HEAR IT FOR OUR REAL SUPERHERO-THE LIBRARIAN.  YEAAAAAAAAAA!


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Well, we certainly had a lot of fun in 2015, reading about Jr. Rabbit and Loony the Loon.  (Between you and me I have another book that I am writing).  But anyway, I want you to know that I plan to have a lot more fun in 2016 with all of you.  So, please let’s all agree to do our best to make good things happen in 2016.  

One of those good things that we want to happen in 2016 is:


We’ll also get outside and exercise by:

Running, Jumping, Playing soccer, football, basketball, Swimming, Jogging

So, as you can see there’s lots to be done in 2016 and I want all of you there with me. HAPPY NEW YEAR!



“Keep it simple and read a book”