Hi Guys,

We are so often busy with everyday life that we don’t really stop to think about something as “boring” as the environment.  But the environment has to remain good for all people to benefit from it and enjoy it!  So, for a little while I’m going to try to get us all to see how important it is do our best to help keep  our world in the best shape that we can.

Here’s one thing that you and I can do right away to help our planet out……DON’T LITTER!

If you don’t know what littering is,  I’ll tell you.  Simply, littering is throwing trash and other disposable items on the ground, out of the window, in the lakes and oceans and on the streets and sidewalks that belong in trash containers.  Littering is ugly and smelly.  stinky garbage with kids

So we can stop littering right now!  And if you see some friends littering, tell them the same thing.  DON’T LITTER!

Until next time, “Keep it simple and read a book”.



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